Everything is constantly changing. New fashion, new cars, new theories, new wars. But if you look closer at the latest stuff, it seems like it has been there before – it just came in a different wrapping. Vintage design? Is a remix. A sequel to a sucessful movie? Is a remix. Right wing turn in european countries? DIY-Culture? Social Media? Normcore? They are all remixes. In other words: all innovations and concepts are re-combinations of existing things and ideas. The future will be the same, but different.


So what are the ingredients of the future? Which existing things and concepts will be remixed in 2023?
 Roman Tschäppeler extracted 222 key words that are lately often used in trend research publications when describing the future – words like YOGA, DRONE, VIRAL or GREEN. Then he arranged these demixed words on 40 combicubes and started remixing the future.

Why this? Almost any combination if these words will form a vision that allows us to think about future developments. By creativly imagining our future, we will gain insight into how we shape the future and what we should do about it. So discussing the year 2023 is discussing the times we are living in right now.

Roman Tschäppeler is alumnus of Zurich University of Arts and Kaospilot School, Denmark. He is co-author of the international bestseller The Decision Book, The Change Book and The Question Book. Amongst many, he is a producer of documentary movies and tries to explain the world with diagrams on a chalkboard. In his atelier guzo he develops and produces trans-media projects. He will be 45 years old in 2023.

Portfolio/Bio (PDF) Roman Tschäppeler (German only)

  website credits

Roman Tschäppeler: concept, text, audio, video, design combicubes, photography and website
Sven Weber: design coach
Roman Schmid: code Randomizer
Ondine Riesen: assistant photography

If you want to know more about de- and remixing the future you can read this master thesis (in German only).

Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag
Remix Demix of guzo, Roman Tschäppeler is under a Creative Commons Namensnennung-Nicht-kommerziell 3.0 Unported Lizenz. For more copyright information you can get in touch with Roman Tschäppeler.

Hier steht C

1. Get wooden cubes and sticky labels. Best fit is 3x3x3cm cubes and Avery L4730REV labels.


2. Download PDF templates of nouns, adjectives, prefixes & suffixes and print them on labels.


3. Stick labels on cubes.


4. Start remixing with our own combicubes! Do you want to share some pictures? Do it here on facebook!